Amazon Fire TV devices offer an enhanced viewing experience with features like High Dynamic Range (HDR), providing improved contrast and a broader colour range. However, certain mistakes might result in poor picture quality, preventing users from fully enjoying HDR content. This guide walks you through essential settings and checks to ensure you’re getting true HDR quality on your Amazon Fire TV device.

Checking HDR Compatibility:

  1. Use Amazon’s Audio and Video Diagnostics Tool:
    • Navigate to Settings on your Fire TV device.
    • Choose Display & Sounds, then go to Audio/Video Diagnostics.
    • Explore the supported visual settings to verify HDR compatibility with your equipment.
  2. Content Format Compatibility:
    • Confirm that the content you’re streaming supports HDR. Look for HDR or Dolby Vision indications in the movie description on streaming apps like Netflix or Amazon Video.
    • A test video at the bottom of the settings page can confirm your TV’s support for HDR formats or Dolby Vision.
  3. TV Picture and Input Settings:
    • Access your TV’s picture or input settings to ensure proper configuration for 4K and HDR if supported.
    • Adjust settings to match the capabilities of your TV and ensure optimal viewing quality.

Addressing Potential Issues:

  1. Check Connected Devices:
    • Ensure that devices connected before your TV, such as soundbars or A/V receivers, can pass through HDR formats.
    • Verify compatibility to avoid disruptions in displaying HDR content.
  2. Fire TV Streaming Format:
    • If your Fire TV device is streaming in a different format for “smoothness” on a Dolby Vision TV, adjust the resolution setting.
    • Set resolution to 4K 60Hz in Settings > Display & Sounds on the Fire TV device for optimal streaming.

Taking advantage of HDR on your Amazon Fire TV device enhances your visual experience, but it’s crucial to confirm compatibility and settings. By following these steps, you can ensure that your Fire TV is set up correctly, allowing you to enjoy true HDR quality with improved contrast and vibrant colours for your favourite movies and TV shows.

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