Major UK airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester, are expected to receive an extension for the deadline to lift the ban on carrying liquids in hand luggage. The government had planned to end the 100ml liquids rule this summer, allowing passengers to carry up to two liters of liquids, thanks to new CT scanners. However, airports are reportedly struggling to meet the June deadline for installing the required technology. Heathrow alone has 146 security lanes, making the upgrades challenging. Passengers may still need to follow the 100ml rule this summer, with the new rules delayed until next year.

The proposed changes were intended to be the most significant in aviation security in nearly two decades, as the advanced CT scanners eliminate the need for removing liquids, laptops, and tablet devices from cabin bags. The scanners provide high-resolution 3D scans of passengers’ bags, improving security measures. The delay aims to avoid mixed messaging, confusion, and potential long queues at airports during the upcoming summer travel season.

The new CT scanners have been championed by the government for enhancing security, reducing queuing times, and improving the passenger experience. London City Airport became the first major airport to complete the upgrades and abolish the 100ml rule in March 2023. While the delay is seen as a setback, the government’s commitment to upgrading security measures remains, and further details about aviation security measures will be provided in due course.

For passengers, the delay means that existing rules, such as the 100ml liquids limit, will likely continue to apply this summer. The UK airports are expected to seek an extension until next year to complete the installation of the new CT scanners. The government aims to make the changes and improve security measures by installing these advanced scanners, providing a more comprehensive and efficient approach to screening.

David Newton

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